Friday, 7 June 2013

Biochar papers from Finland

Biochar has been intensively studied in Finland during past couple of years, resulting in constantly increasing number of  peer-reviewed papers published. In order to make it easier to find the papers, we have listed the Finnish biochar articles on this page, sorted by date of publishing. We have chosen the papers that fulfill the following criteria:

a) the papers target biochar use as a soil amendment material
b) the papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals

c) the research is conducted in Finland.
Should you know biochar papers from Finland that have not yet been added to the list, please contact us!

Monday, 18 February 2013

2nd Nordic Biochar Seminar

95 participants from 14 countries, 30 oral presentations and 35 poster presentations-this was the 2nd Nordic Biochar Seminar, held in Helsinki at 14-15 February 2013!

The University of Helsinki Biochar team is proud to have hosted this milestone event in biochar research in Northern Europe! Additionally, we are very happy that the conference brought together people from all over the world, from India to Canada, in addition to European countries!

Many of the presentations and posters can be accessed here.

Furthermore, in December 2013 the international peer-reviewed open access journal Agricultural and Food Science has  published the Biochar Special  Section (Vol 22, No 4 2013) based on the papers submitted by the seminar participants. More information can be found on their website.