Biochar studies in Finland

Biochar has been intensively studied in Finland during the past decade, resulting in constantly increasing number of  peer-reviewed papers published. In order to make it easier to find the papers, I have listed the Finnish biochar articles on this page, sorted by date of publishing. All the papers here fulfill the following criteria:

a) the papers target biochar use as as soil amendment material
b) the papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals

c) the research was conducted in Finland.
Should you know biochar papers from Finland that have not yet been added to the list, please contact me!



  • Tammeorg, P., Bastos, A. C., Jeffery, S., Rees, F., Kern, J., Graber, E., Ventura, M., Kibblewhite, M., Amaro, A., Budai, A., Cordovil, C. M. d. S., Domene, X., Gardin, G., Gasco, G., Horak, J., Kammann, C., Kondrlova, E., Laird, D., Loureiro, S., Martins, M. A. S., Panzacchi, P., Prasad, M., Prodana, M., Puga, A. P., Ruysschaert, G., Sas-Paszt, L., Silva, F. C., Teixeira, W. G., Tonon, G., Vedove, G. D., Zavalloni, C., Glaser, B., Verheijen, F. G. A. (2017). Biochars in soils: towards the required level of scientific understanding. Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management. 25, 192-207.



  1. Finlad economy basedon agriculture and biotechnology based products so it is natural that Biochar has been intensively studied in Finland during past couple of years.

    1. Yes, that is true. Additional factors that may explain the interest in biochar would be emphasis on the environmental health (reduced pollution) and availability of biomass.