2nd Nordic Biochar Seminar, Proceedings

The University of Helsinki Biochar team is proud to have hosted the 2nd Nordic Biochar Seminar, held in Helsinki at 14-15 February 2013- a milestone event in biochar research in Northern Europe with 95 participants from 14 countries!
We are happy to announce that many of the presentations and posters are now available on this site. The presenters wishing still to include their presentations to this list please contact Priit for further details.

We would also like to remind that the international peer-reviewed open access journal Agricultural and Food Science has invited the seminar  participants to submit their manuscripts to the special Biochar Issue of Agricultural and Food Science by 30 April 2013. More information and the instructions for the authors can be found on their website

Oral presentations

14 February

Keynote address: From Terra Pretas to Nordic fields- Prospects for BC use
Bruno Glaser and Claudia Kammann, presented by Claudia Kammann

Session 1 – Biochar as a soil amendment in Northern Europe: Soil and plants

Soil property investigations of a 70 year old Swedish Terra Preta and comparison with recent Swedish biochar field trials
Tor Kihlberg, University of Uppsala (SWE)

GHG emissions and agronomic effects from biochar applications at field scale in Norway
Hanna Silvennoinen, Bioforsk (NO)

Biochar effects to soil and plant properties: field experiments in Finland
Priit Tammeorg, University of Helsinki (FIN)

Biochar in sugar beet cultivation
Susanna Muurinen, Sugar Beet Research Centre (FIN)

Significant plant growth stimulation by composted vs. untreated Biochar
Claudia Kammann, University Giessen (GER)

Session 2 – Biochar as soil amendment: Environmental effects

Does presence of biochar change microbial functioning of soil at the scale of decades or centuries?
Cyril Girardin, UMR BIOEMCO (FRA)

Soil microbial communities responded to biochar application in temperate soils and slowly metabolized 13C labeled biochar
Andrea Watzinger, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (AUT)

Pesticide sorption to biochar– results from Norwegian lab-scale studies
Marianne Stenrød, Bioforsk (NO)

Characterization of the adsorptive capacity of biochar Skogens kol for five different pesticides
Harald Cederlund , Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SWE)

Effect of HTC- and pyrolysis-char application on trace gas emission in two sandy soils
Christiane Dicke , Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering (GER)

Hydrothermal Carbonization - Fate and behavior of selected pharmaceuticals
Claudia vom Eyser, Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology (GER)

15 February

Session 3 - Biochar and bioenergy

Keynote address: Future prospects of the bioenergy sector in Nordic and Baltic countries: Opportunities for biochar 
Esa Vakkilainen, Lappeenranta University of Technology (FIN)

Attainment of high fixed-carbon yields from biomass
Liang Wang, SINTEF Energy Research (NO)

Biochar as a substitute for fossil carbon sources in the cupola and electric arc furnace
Marc Schulten, RWTH Aachen (GER)

Session 4 – Biochar technologies and implementation 

ANDRITZ Industrial Scale Torrefaction Technologies
Jari Hiltunen, ANDRITZ (FIN)

Storage properties of torrefied wood and charcoal - decay resistance
Maija Kymäläinen, University of Helsinki (FIN)

Business concept including energy and fertilizer (bioash) production
Henrik Hauggaard-Nielsen, DTU (DK)

Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) – from wet waste to valuable materials
Kimmo Palmu, TUHH (GER)

Session 5 –Biochar research focused on regions outside Europe

Biochar in Zambia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Nepal: Biochar technologies, mechanistic field trials, and socio-economic aspects
Gerard Cornelissen, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NO)

Practical implementation of biochar in Norway and Tanzania
Johan Ellingsen, The Royal Norwegian Society for Development (NO)

Potential and economic viability of bio-char from aromatic plant waste in India
Puja Khare, Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (INDIA)

The adsorption and desorption of phosphate-P, ammonium-N and nitrate-N in cacao shell and corn cob biochars
Sarah Hale, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NO)

Proximal soil sensing for rapid assessment of Amazonian Dark Earth properties
Mats Söderström, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SWE)

Poster presentations

Biochar effects on plant growth

Esben W. Bruun and Henrik Hauggaard-Nielsen

Effects of biochar and organic fertilizers on wheat growth and soil quality in a two year field trial in Finland  
Jukka Kivelä, Johannes Mäkinen, Priit Tammeorg, Juha Helenius

Heedo Lee, Johanna Muurinen, Markku Yli-Halla

Gerhard Soja, Bernhard Wimmer, Jasmin Karer, Stefanie Kloss, Franz Zehetner

G. Telysheva, G. Dobele, G. Lebedeva, A. Volpert, O. Muter, S. Strikauska

Marleena Hagner, Heikki Setälä, Riitta Kemppainen, Lauri Jauhiainen, Kari Tiilikkala
Carbon amendments to a temperate grassland: first results on risks and opportunities 
 Sonja Schimmelpfennig, Claudia Kammann

Biochar effects on soil quality and environment

  Kumari K.G.I.D, Per Moldrup, Lars Elsgaard, Esben W. Bruun, Lis W. de Jonge

Jarkko Hovi, Helena Soinne, Priit Tammeorg, Eila Turtola, Juha Helenius

Biochar as a potential inoculant carrier for P mobilizing bacteria
Martyna Glodowska

Mohammed Masud Parvage, Barbro Ulén, Jeffery Strock,  Jan Eriksson, Holger Kirchmann

Henn Raave, Indrek Keres, Evelin Loit

Sanna Kykkänen, Riitta Kettunen, Sanna Saarnio

Kirsi Kuoppamäki, Kaarjel Kauslya Narayanasamy, Heikki Setälä

Oiva Niemeläinen, Tiina Ruuskanen, Frans Silvenius

Helis Rossner, Karin Kauer, Evelin Loit, Henn Raave, Alar Astover 

Cyril Girardin, Giorgio Alberti, Alessandro Zaldei, Silvia Baronti,Christophe Naisse, Xavier Charrier, Franco Miglietta, Cornelia Rumpel

Riitta Kettunen, Sanna Saarnio

Priit Tammeorg, Tero Brandstaka, Asko Simojoki, Juha Helenius

Tero Brandstaka, Priit Tammeorg, Asko Simojoki, Juha Helenius

Remediation of PAH contaminated soil with biochar

Festus Anasony, Marja Tuomela

Christophe Naisse, Clément Peltre, Alain Plante, Marie Alexis, Katja Wiedner, Bruno Glaser, Christopher Carcaillet, Alessandro Pozzi, Cornelia Rumpel

Tuure Parviainen, Priit Tammeorg, Visa Nuutinen, Juha Helenius

Lukáš Trakal, Roman Šigut, Hana Šillerová, Dagmara Faturíková, Michael Komárek

Bioenergy production and biochar technologies

Mikko Havimo, Jukka Hyytiäinen,  Mari Rautiainen, Andis Lazdiņš, Arta Bardule

Carbon content, gross calorific value and shift of exothermic reaction of torrefied and carbonized pine and birch 
Mari Rautiainen

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