Sunday, 19 March 2017

1st Finnish Biochar Workshop and founding of the Finnish Biochar Association

The 1st Finnish Biochar Workshop was successfully held yesterday, 18 March, in a beautiful ecovillage in Siuntio and we also founded the Finnish Biochar Association. The AgriChar research group was well represented in both activities. 

Participants of the 1st Finnish Biochar Workshop.

Suomen Biohiiliseura or The Finnish Biochar Association will soon be registered, but until the end of March everyone who couldn't attend the workshop can still join as founding members. The website for the SBS or FBA is already under construction, check it out:

In the workshop (first in the series of the FBA activities), we tested three different conical kilns designed by Innovaatiopalvelu Koivukunnas. The most original one of these was the one where a barrel was tightly united beneath the kiln so the ready biochar fell into the barrel. As the barrel did not get too hot we even tried it on the lake ice! This might be the first time of modern biochar history to produce biochar on a waterbody- that could be the way for in situ pyrolysing reed from the lakes!
Pyrolysis on the lake ice.

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