Saturday, 10 June 2017

The 2017 field season has started for biochar experiments

AgriChar research group has been working especially hard the past month to get started this years field experiments.

This year we are involved in seven (!) field experiments! Starting from the two long-term experiments in Viikki (one has just entered into its eight growing season!) to several new experiments in Finland and Estonia. One especially intriguing case study in Estonia focuses on the environmentally best practice for recycling nutrients from eutrophicated waterbodies.

Our people are involved also in HYKERRYS project that includes four new field experiments in Southern Finland and there also other soil amendment materials than biochar are being tested. The peas in the long-term Viikki experiments looked happy on 9th of June (see below). Let's see, if the promising trends first time noticed in the seventh growing season, where peas seemed to benefit from biochar more than other crops, will get stronger!

The growing season 2017 has started!

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