Tuesday, 18 December 2018

4th Finnish Biochar Seminar: Proceedings uploaded

On 11th December 2018, already fourth Finnish Biochar Seminar was held in Viikki, Helsinki. We at AgriChar research group & Finnish Biochar Association were happy to host this, already traditional, event! As usual, the event was a meeting point for networking and hearing the latest research and pilot case highlights from Finnish and Nordic research groups. Historically, we had participants from five countries: all over Finland, but also from Estonia, Sweden, Norway and even from Egypt!

In addition to poster session and demonstration of pyrolysis equipment, we had two sessions of interesting presentations covering pretty well all the biochar research being done in Finland and in the Nordics, from forestry and agriculture to urban ecosystems and market studies.

We are grateful to all the presenters for high-quality presentations!

You are welcome to check the presentations from http://biochar-hy.blogspot.com/p/4th-finnish-biochar-seminar.html!

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